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How you look is a choice that you can CHANGE.


Losing weight, Fat or Inches can be done and you can absolutely do it if you chose to.

As you read this page, Men and Women like You are working to achieve their Fitness goals by committing themselves to proven fitness programs.

Fact:  Today’s fitness world is a multi-billion dollar industry infested with unqualified professionals. It is absolutely impossible for the average person to know rather there are hiring a certified trainer or a scam artist with exceptional marketing skills. These so called trainers are taking a full advantage of the unregulated fitness industry to lure you in their scam, leaving you discourage and emotionally distress. We highly encourage not only our current members but also our entire potential customer to try at least 3 different trainers from 3 different gyms for 3 different workout  before hiring one. Do your research and ask lots of questions including proof of certifications; It is pleasurable for most Certified trainers to show their original certification along with the phone number of the certifying agency.

Note: Not all certifications are good in fact out of 200 plus certifying agency on the market, only 4 (ACE, ACSM, NSCA, NASM) are truly legitimate. It is up to you do your homework in order to step in the right direction.


At Physque Personal Training, we believe that individualized approach to fitness programming is the most effective and safest method in helping you reach your health and fitness goals.

We strive to provide the highest quality of service in the health and fitness industry. All of our trainers are educated with a degree in exercise related field or are certified by a nationally recognized and medically approved organization. Most of them are members of other fitness related professional organizations such as the NSCA, IDEA, ACSM... All are CPR/AED certified. We also stay current on new research and products in the line of fitness in order to provide our clientele with the safest, most comprehensive, and most effective fitness programs.


All our programs are based on the new and innovative scientific approach based on the rule of body principle. No two individuals are the same, so no two programs should be the same.

Through fitness evaluations and consultations, we will customize a program specifically to fit your goals. We evaluate such factors as posture, core strength, body fat percentage, total fat mass, total lean mass, balance, flexibility, relative or absolute strength, blood pressure, and resting heart rate...


Our owner, Marwane Balde (NSCA, APEX & ACE CERTIFIED) , has had over 14 years experience in working with a variety of clients with different fitness goals. He believes that there are several components that must be recognized and followed in order to obtain an optimal healthy lifestyle.

  1. Consistency: No fitness goal is achieved in a day. In order to reach your goal you must repeat your workouts numerous times in a well designed sequence of rest and activity.
  2. Hard Work: Although we believe it is better to do Minimum work for Maximum results, it is imperative to know that your body will only change if you push it beyond what it is used to. Repeating what you are comfortable with will only keep you where you are or cause you to go backward because of  thermogenesis.
  3. Proper Nutrition: It is the most important and yet the most difficult component of any fitness program, especially weight loss and fat loss programs. Regardless of how good and knowledgeable a trainer is, no one will be able to reach their fitness goals under his/her guidance if they undermine the program by overeating or under nourishing their working muscles or other organs.

All these components are important and we encourage our clients to put all these components together in order to achieve and maintain  healthy and lasting lifestyle.

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